Lion Africa’s largest carnivore is impressive to observe while on a safari. It’s among the top wish lists and each sighting is definitely considered a prerequisite. Lions are the most...

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Common Beisa Oryx

Common Beisa Oryx True desert animals are large with spear-like horns, thick horse-like necks, muscular, short manes, and compact bodies. The oryx is consisted of 4 species and the Gemsbok...

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Wildebeest Migration


Wildebeest Hello Africa, here is one of the most successful herbivores, also known as gnus, wildebeests are members of the antelope family. Habitat: open Savannah and woodland scientific name: Connochaetes...

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White Rhinos

White Rhinos The white rhino,broad-lipped rhinoceros is the largest and most numerous of the world’s five rhinoceros species. Its most social and approachable than all rhino species. Scientific name: Ceratotherium...

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spotted hyena

Spotted Hyena

Spotted Hyena The spotted hyena is the most common member of a family of large, round backed-hunchbacked carnivores whose somewhat canid appearance belies with a closer relationship to cats and...

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About Roan Renowned for its bravery in fighting off predators, the roan is Africa’s second largest antelope, Shaggy looking well built with distinctive colors is a special encounter. Scientific name:...

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