De Brazza’s monkeys in Africa

The De Brazza's monkey is an Old World monkey that is endemic to the riverine and swamp forests of central Africa, the largest in the guenon family, and easily differentiated from the other monkeys by its white whitish beard and orange diadem.

Quick facts about De brazza's Monkey

Known to be social animals living in troops of 5-10 individuals, although troops of 35 individuals were recorded. The De Brazza's is highly terrestrial and don’t prefer mixing up with other monkeys, regarded to be shyer when approached. De Brazza's monkeys are good swimmers and unlike other monkeys, they use all their legs while moving around. These monkeys are territorial and always fighting for dormancy, they are 99% vegetarian fruits being their delicacy, however, they also feed one termite, mushrooms, leaves, and ants.

Where to see the De Brazza's monkeys

These are widespread but they can easily be seen in western Uganda -Semuliki national park, DRC, Kenya, and Rwanda

the De Brazza's Monkey
De Brazza's Monkey

Holiday ideas to see the De Brazza’s monkeys

Its indeed the primate look out, but our experts shall get more closer to these shyer species .