Mountain gorillas are unique primates and have exciting facts about them;

There are only 1063 mountain gorillas left in the world today.  these mountain gorillas can be found in the virunga conservation area in the east of africa.

Mountain gorillas live in isolated families. these mountain gorilla families are in a form of a human extended family kind of setting.  they are comprised of the dominant silverback – who has the overall responsibility of taking care of the rest of the family members, female adults responsible for taking care of the juveniles and infants.

Mountain gorillas share about 98% of the human dna. this partly explains the resemblance in the limbs and the high level of intelligence the gentle giants showcase.

Mountain gorillas are the biggest and most powerful living primates on the planet. male mountain gorillas have a standing height of 161 to 170 centimeters, a girth of about 138 to 163 centimeters, arm length of 2 to 2.8 meters and weight of about 120 to 191 kilograms. females on the other hand are smaller with a weight of about 70 to 98 kilograms.

Mountain gorillas make themselves comfortable beddings every night. they usually make them from roots, leaves and grasses that they get from the forest to make themselves have a cozy night.  they showcase a high level of love for comfort similar to that of human beings.

They can eat all day long. mountain gorillas feed on bamboo shoots, roots of plants, fruits and they also have an appetite for ants and some invertebrates. they usually dig grounds as they look for the invertebrates and ants.

Mountain gorillas are critically endangered species.  they have over the years first day wrath of human beings and some have succumbed to activities such as poaching and encroachment on their habitat for establishments of settlements and farming purposes.

Wild mountain gorillas can only be found in east africa. mountain gorillas inhabit the virunga conservation area which is characterized of a mountainous terrain that is a favorable habitat for the gorillas. it is made-up of thick tropical rainforests and bamboo vegetation on its lower bases where the gorillas feed and live.

What is the best time to do gorilla tracking?

Gorilla trekking adventure entails movement through mountainous regions, thick tropical rainforests, crossing streams and walking through valleys before one gets to meet the gorillas. this activity is a bit hectic in the rainy seasons and is characterized by interruptions from rain and slippery grounds.

The dry seasons therefore are the best times in which travelers can embark on gorilla trekking adventures. dry seasons in the virunga massif are categorized into two – long and short dry seasons. the long dry season runs from early june to september and the short dry season is always on from mid-december to early february.

Dry seasons are the best to embark on gorilla tracking activities because they are characterized with limited interruptions of rain and steady grounds which are good for maneuvering through the thick tropical rainforests.