Giraffes in Africa

Giraffes in Africa

The world's tallest land mammals towering above the African bushes with their distinctive colors, these gentle walkers are a major highlight for most of our safari goers.

Quick facts about Giraffes

Confusing the early explorers who thought its a cross between a leopard and a camel, the giraffe is indeed an awkward-looking living creature. The giraffes have a unique movement of both right legs simultaneously, followed by both left legs. Giraffes delicacy is the spiky acacia that it strips using its dark purple tongue. Despite their height and their calves being born 2m tall, the giraffe’s neck contains only 7 vertebrae-exactly the same as a human's. Giraffes are known to be blessed by a strong behind kick which can easily kill a lion, its height and strength calls for almost whole to put down a mature giraffe

Where to see giraffes in Africa

Africa is blessed with a number of giraffe species, taxonomists recognize 9 however there are speculations of more subspecies. Roth’s child giraffes, Masai giraffes, and reticulated giraffes are among the most common species you could see while in the game parks

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Tips to see giraffes in Africa

These vigilant animals that always get at the top of most areas, are easily visible and always counted as unlucky missing them.

Holiday ideas for seeing the African giraffes

Witness what nature can deliver as we take you on an epic African safari