Africa’s most common of the large felines, living often closer to humans but are seen because of their secretive, solitary nature. Having a chance to view this creature is considered the best luck of the safari.

Quick facts about the leopard

Leopards are known to be excellent stalkers getting 5m closer to the intended prey before pouncing. They can keep their kill in trees to keep it from being poached by other predators like hyenas and lions. Leopards hunt using power and stealth and can easily be distinguished from cheetahs by their rosette-shaped spots, more powerful build, and preferred habitats such as rocks or woodlands. Leopards are not easy to spot because of high camouflage, but when given a keen observation by our experts then your day can be enlightened.

Where to see leopards in Africa

Leopards are widespread everywhere in most countries but are very hard to spot. Murchison falls national park In Uganda has more chances-80% , Masai mara-75%, serengeti-75%, samburu-45%.

Top tips for viewing leopards

Holiday ideas to see leopards

Its an adventure like no other, basing on our experience we bring you to see these mighty creatures