Africa’s largest carnivore is impressive to observe while on a safari. It's among the top wish lists and each sighting is definitely considered a prerequisite.

Lions are the most sociable of the large cats living in loosely structured pride of typically 15-30 individuals. These usually consist of related females and their cubs, which are often born and communally raised. Primarily nocturnal hunters, their favorite prey are buffalo, medium jobs, and other antelopes. Working as a team lions can put down a mature giraffe and sometimes lack of enough food force them to attack elephants.

As the tagline reads “the king of the jungle”, this is because of its ability to kill and having a distinctive mane that makes look larger and intimidating to other lions.


New mothers are forced to live in dens with their cubs for the first few weeks and shift to new places to avoid predator attacks due to the accumulation of scents.

Quick facts about Lions

Where to see lions in Africa

Masai Mara national reserve-100%, Serengeti national park-100%, Ruaha national park-100%, Queen Elizabeth national park-55%, Murchison falls national park-50%, Kidepo valley national park- 35%, Likipia-100%

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Queen Elizabeth National Park

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