Famous from the slopes of mountain elgon that arise in a series of massive basalt cliffs both north and west with often kilometers beautified by the rapid flowing rivers that plunge the rapid flowing rivers as spectacular waterfalls.  sipi falls is divided into 3 major waterfalls on kapchorwa road, the lowest of these falls beautifies the 100m cascading on the incredible cliff.

The second known as simba plunges 69 m over the entrance to the cave. visitors can easily stand in the cave and enjoy a view of the back of the falls, standing in the splashing water and having yourself is much more acceptable when the waters are not that much stronger. the third waterfall also known as the ngasire gushes over an 87m high ridge. 

Activities In Sipi Falls


This thrilling tow hour activity is carried out beside the lowest of the sipi falls. This is where you drop 100m overlooking the ridge as you descend next to the pool, it’s more teasing for someone who has never had such an experience, its one of a kind as you fight your fears, scream louder, and call your friends as the instructor tells how to hold the rope and proceed with adventure. Celebrate as you take a dip in the pool before the ascent back to the top of the hill, it’s worth trying as you will always have the best story to tell once you think about Uganda. 

Nature walks

Community walks are organized by the local guides, for a few hours up to a full day around the viewpoints In Kapchorwa, a 20-minute sunrise and sunset trek depending on where you had your overnight. Have a relaxed morning or evening as you take a glass of wine or have breakfast as the sun comes over the mountains.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing has 14 climbs requiring various levels of rock scaling techniques. All equipment is found with the sipi falls tourist guides association.  35m is the toughest climb while the easiest is 15m. Both of these climbs command a picturesque view of the main falls.

Mountain biking

This activity runs from the Sipi trading center to Chema hill In Kapchorwa Town, taking 1.5-2 hours. This provides various views not leaving behind the beautiful falls, having a chance to interact with the community and enjoy to the fullest in this peaceful environment.

Sport fishing

This is done above the highest of the three waterfalls, it provides exciting challenges to the anglers who take pride in battling with the rainbow trout because of its beautiful coloration and fighting ability.

Fishing is restricted to designated areas, you are not supposed to book in advance but rather done during the day. All sport fishers should bring their equipment and secure a permit from the responsible offices around Sipi town. Have yourself a chance to catch the 3 kgs fish which is the biggest around the area.

Getting there

There are several routes connecting to this beautiful destination, less than an hour from Mbale the nearest big town, and closer to the Pian Upe game reserve connecting to Moroto.

One can as well drive straight from Kampala via Jinja, Mbale for about 6-7 hours by road, the area is closer to the Kenyan border meaning using the Busia border can also be easier for those coming or going to Kenya.