Magical Zanzibar

Located about 10 miles from Kigoma on the eastern beaches of Lake Tanganyika, was made famous by the English primatologist Jane Goodall, who conducted extensive research on chimps at the Gombe Stream Research Center here. In 1978, when the recreation area was still a wildlife reserve, it was opened to visitors who could climb the recreation area’s landscape to witness chimps in their natural habitat. People still flock to this area for the unique experience of seeing the creatures that are sometimes represented as human cousins. While the chimps are the main attraction, Gombe Steam Public Park is worth visiting all year for its lush foliage and the Kakombe and Mkenke waterfalls. It is also home to a variety of butterfly species. Away from the animals, Lake Tanganyika attracts visitors for swimming, jumping, and fishing, while the nearby village of Mwamgongo is an excellent place to learn about Tanzanian culture. Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, home to Africa’s tallest unsupported peak and a popular destination for thrill seekers, is well worth a visit.

Areas to Explore

East Coast

This is the prime location and home to the most idyllic and beautiful beaches on the island such as Pongwe, Matemwe, Jambiani, and Pingwe, Paje.

Michamvi peninsula

Lying on the shore of Chwaka Bay, west of Pingwe village is this magnificent location. It holds beautiful beaches, water sports, and diving activities that make it a place to stay.

Northern Zanzibar

It's among the 31 regions of Tanzania with incredible villages and amazing beach life. It's an eye-catching area for all travelers with sparkling seas and myriad water sports.

Zanzibar’s Fact life [ Zanzibar dress code]

It is a culturally conservative fact being an Islam region. dress code for both men and women is simply with dignity and modesty. You can put on the way you want while at the beach and the hotel but walking around the villages you are expected to be covered from shoulder to the knee

Stone town

This old part and main city of Zanzibar is a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO. Rich in ancient history and varying cultures and well known for its little chic hotels