Quick facts about the African Buffalo

About Buffaloes

Buffaloes are known to be among the most dangerous animals in Africa due to their defensive nature and unpredictability Buffaloes have a poor ability to regulate their body temperature, this means that during the hot equatorial days, they spend most of their time in mud or shallow water as a way to cool down their hot bodies. On average, buffaloes have their first calves at the age of four to five years, the animals will give birth once in every two years. They can live up to 25 years, with many getting to the age 15. Buffaloes are always feeling happy trampling cats like lions as a sign of revenge and defense while being attacked. Buffaloes feed on grass and other bushes and this usually forces them to always look around for greener pastures. Buffaloes live in two group types, family herds-contains mainly females and calves, and bachelor herds

Where to see buffaloes in Africa

They are widespread in Africa and require open grassland and forests, this is a good sign that the safari goers shall have enough of these creatures.

Tips for viewing African Buffaloes

Enjoying the cool breath and uncountable jungle calls are the true rewards of nature in this UNESCO world heritage site. A ranger is allocated to move around with tourists since it's still a national park with wildlife for safety measures, rich in streams and waterfalls, tourists can easily bask in this home away from the environment, Butterfly species and other invertebrates, birds, primates, and vegetation can also, be sighted.

Holiday ideas to see the African Buffaloes

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