Gerenuks in Africa

A notably tall, slender antelope that resembles gazelles, characterized by its long, slender neck and limbs. The gerenuk is a specialist in browsing and often stands on its behind legs to reach further for the soft leaves.

Quick facts about gerenuk

Gerenuk is diurnal, highly social creatures forming small single-sex herds of 2-6 individuals. Females sometimes contain juveniles in their herds as males prefer living a solitary life. They are so peaceful animals and rarely fight, gerenuks are sedentary meaning there are no travel intentions and this helps them to preserve foraging energy.


The gerenuk males defend their territories by scent marking with their special secretions that are produced by the preorbital glands. As they age, the gerenuk is less mobile, and eating from closer rangers is always the best choice. With about 25-44 cm of horn length,3-6km2 of home range, and 2m of feeding height these are ideal to spot.

Where to see gerenuk in Africa

Top tips for viewing gerenuk

Highly adaptable and loves bushes and thickets avoids dense bushes and avoids too open areas. It's widespread in the horn of Africa and pushes to Kenya and some parts of Tanzania

Holiday ideas to see the gerenuk

The desert specials can be seen in the drier countries of the northeast of Kenya-Samburu national reserve, parts of Tanzania, and other Laikipia golden locations. It's our sincere, mandate to bring out the best in these desert dwellers.