Kidepo Valley National park

From Apoka, in the heart of the Kidepo valley national park, the savannah landscape extends far beyond the gazetted area, towards the horizons outlined by distant mountain ranges. Located near Karenga in Kaabong District, in the northeastern corner of Uganda, 5 km from the Eastern border of Kenya, and bordering south Sudan further north. At a size of 1442kmsq, the park is gifted with about 476 bird species like the rare secretary bird, and 77 mammal species making it a wonderful area. Kidepo is Uganda’s true wilderness and the most isolated national park, but the travel enthusiasts who make the long distances to the north through the sprawling scenic Karamoja will have a story enjoying the Karamoja manyatas, endless landscapes, and different true African people along the way. The park has the main major rivers, Narus and Kidepo which are always myths during the dry spells leaving behind pools supported by the permanent swamps that make the Narus valley a center of game viewing with almost what would expect due to large populations and concentration of wildlife. Lions, cheetahs, elephants, and thousands of buffaloes, can be spotted. In the past, Kidepo was under a threat but the wild game populations are shooting positively, both lions and elephants. Beyond the marginal lines, Kidepo will always bring a smile to your face


Game Drives

Kidepo valley national is the most scenic and beautiful national park in the country, game viewing is among the many sought-after activities to do while in the park wildlife is most active in the Narus valley during the early mornings and late afternoons, the hour drive to kanangorok hot springs passes some magnificent landscapes, north of apoka beyond the river crossing, the road passes between rock outcrops and hills before descending into the Kidepo valley, crossing the Kidepo sand river and traversing open plains that extend past kanangorok hot springs towards mountains across the Sudanese border. This is where ostriches and other key specials from south Sudan are found, the park is also rich in lions leopards, elephants, duikers, jackals, kavirondo bush babies lots of birds, aardvarks, and more

Nature Walks and hiking

Nature enthusiasts would easily Wander along the splendid Kidepo river valley between the beautiful Borassus palm forest, which takes about 6 hours, the lemon mountains can be reached on foot in 4-5 hours starting at 7 am, but shorter walks can take only 2 hours around the Narus valley with a radius of 5km, the park suburbs are also blessed with the IK tribe who stay in the Morungole mountain slightly outside the park and can be done on prearranged hikes

kidepo valley national park
Jackson's hartebeest kidepo valley national park

Bird Watching

Bordering south Sudan and Kenya Kidepo valley national park is a tremendous Birding Safaris Area that would recommend in Uganda with close to 475 bird species making it the second only in Uganda to Queen Elizabeth national park. Key specials are the Karamoja Apalis and the Fox’s Weaver in the park's game reserves, not forgetting other large numbers as you move around. it’s a point to note that of the 56 birds of prey recorded, 14 are found in Kidepo park, Verreaux’s Eagle, and pygmy Falcon that are known endemic to the Karamoja region. There has however been no comprehensive survey of the birds In Kidepo and visitors stand a good chance of adding to the current list. Birding can be done around Apoka rest camp, Narus, and Namamukweny valleys, and having a chance to spot the Clapperton’s Francolin only found in the park, like any other activity in the park birding is most rewarding during early and late hours of the day.


The park is easily accessed by road and air, on road is a magnificent experience if you Enjoy the still virgin parts of the region through its sometimes challenging due to long drives and bad conditions of the road, you can easily connect using the following routes, Kampala-karuma-Gulu-kigtum-Kidepo (8-10 hours 571km), and other routes like Kampala-sironko-kotido-kaabong-Kidepo cost you 12 hours so stopover for overnight is always advised. 

All these Routes require 4*4wd vehicles.

Arranged charters to Kidepo are also used, using the Aero club or eagle aviation, this takes just 2 hours to lomejo airstrip near apoka 

sunset Kidepo-01
rock out crop kidepo valley national park