Lake Naivasha is a popular safari tourism destination in Kenya in Nakuru County 93 kilometers northwest of Nairobi famous for its high flamingo and hippopotamus populations. The RAMSAR site name Naivasha is derived from the Maasai phrase NaiPosha, which means “turbulent water” Naivasha is a popular tourist destination since it is close to Nairobi and has a varied selection of attractions for everyone, making it a great place to visit.

Vacationers come to Naivasha for various reasons, one of which is that the majority of the vacationers experience the boat journey safari that takes place on Lake Naivasha. At some point in the pastime, the vacationers do experience the viewing of over 1500 hippos, as well as the vacationers can experience taking photographs that are the best ones while on the water sport. Visitors can also enjoy the chicken looks of the many chicken species throughout Lake Naivasha, which has over 400 chicken species, including the most colorful and beautiful chicken species such as weavers, cormorants, large kingfishers, Hammerkops, pelicans, and others.

Kigio Sanctuary

Kigio originates from the area where the community that owns it comes from. Local communities may have more ecotourism income the fee that tourists pay to visit the Kigio Wildlife Sanctuary helps the community and helps cover costs. This conservancy lies between Nakuru and Naivasha.

Lake Sonachi

Known as Sonachi, is a small saline-alkaline lake in a huge volcanic crater with intact flanks located immediately west of Lake Naivasha. Crater Lake is privately owned and managed as a sanctuary, with the lake's most exclusive tiny tent sites. On a safari to Crater Lake, guests can experience amazing vistas rimmed by acacia trees that decorate the lake's edge. Tourists on the Kenya Safari to Naivasha's Crater Lake will also get the opportunity to witness a variety of wildlife located in the volcanic crater, such as giraffes, antelopes, Thomson's gazelles, and colobus monkeys. Tourists, on the other hand, can enjoy a walking safari that takes about 1.5 hours to travel through the hills to Crater Lake, during which they can witness many types of animals and birds.

Is virtually on Lake Naivasha's shoreline, with plenty of magnificent shade from acacia trees and hills, allowing travelers to enjoy spectacular views of the lake and nearby places during their safari. Camping provides the best lodging alternatives in the form of cabins, camps, and tents, and meals can be served in large amounts.

Crescent Island

Crescent Island, a nature refuge, is located on Lake Naivasha's eastern shore. Crescent Island was constructed after Lake Naivasha's water level dropped so much that it became part of the mainland. The crescent-shaped island is highly convenient for safari travelers, and it contains some of the best game viewing spots for numerous animal species such as impalas, zebras, and giraffes. The crescent-shaped island is particularly convenient for safari travelers, and the island boasts some of the best game viewing spots for numerous animal species such as impalas, zebras, and giraffes, as well as other birds and aquatic life. Look for the island's distinctive hippos. Bird lovers frequently run bird-viewing excursions, particularly on Crescent Island, where you may see egrets and ospreys.

Located south of Lake Naivasha and is home to a diverse range of Kenyan wildlife safaris and bird species. Tourists visit the park for the breathtaking scenery, which includes towering cliffs, canyons, rock towers, and bursting plumes of geothermal steam. Safaris to Hell's Gate National Park allow visitors to see zebras, Thomson's gazelle, hartebeest, African buffalo, eland, and many other animal species. Lake Oloiden is a tiny lake located adjacent to Lake Naivasha. Because what happens in Lake Naivasha must also affect Lake Oloiden, the two lakes are like twins. Lake Oloiden is popular with tourists because of its clean water. Purple flamingo colonies have given way to flocks of freshwater birds, including approximately 400 flamingos. Purple flamingo flocks have given way to flocks of freshwater birds, including over 400 species such as African fish eagles, herons, storks, pelicans, and others. Lake Oloiden is famous for having some of the nicest spots in the Great Rift Valley. A variety of quality campgrounds with a variety of facilities are available here, making a tourist camping safari highly effective.

Hippo point

Hippo Point is a great private wildlife conservancy that sits on an isthmus between Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloiden. Tourists on safari enjoy the breathtaking views of Oloiden Bay and get up close and personal with hippos, zebra, and giraffes at the foot of the eight-story, 120-foot tower, which is ideal for a family looking for a unique luxury safari experience or lovers looking for a romantic gateway.