About Roan

Renowned for its bravery in fighting off predators, the roan is Africa’s second largest antelope, Shaggy looking well built with distinctive colors is a special encounter.

Quick Facts

Roan antelope has a light red-brown coat, a small mane on the back of the neck, and short backward-curving horns. Male roans are known to be polygamous managing over 15 females, however it excludes its self from the rest within a radius of 500 miles. Good at defending its herd and vigorously fighting against the predators like leopards, lions, and many others.

Newly born calves are kept in the thickets for about a full month, till they gain much momentum to survive in the wild. This is as well so risky for these young ones because mothers have to go and feed them, leaving them prone to ruthless predators.

Roan antelopes prefer to graze on grass but also feed on herbs, shrubs, and Acacia tree pods. They must drink regularly and also inhabit where water is easily accessed.

Where to see roan in Africa

Allow it plenty of space or it will definitely disappear, this handsome roan, is very shy and can easily be seen around water holes or when, in large herds. it's widespread in most Savannah areas however it's becoming locally extinct in most areas.

Top tips for viewing roan

Holiday ideas to see roan antelope

Having a sighting of the roan antelope is truly outstanding, let's take you there.