Spotted Hyena

The spotted hyena is the most common member of a family of large, round backed-hunchbacked carnivores whose somewhat canid appearance belies with a closer relationship to cats and mongooses. Often portrayed as an exclusive scavenger, the spotted hyena is a proficient hunter with the ability to kill an animal as large as an eland

Quick facts about Spotted Hyenas

Hyena clans are led by females, strong and bigger than males, the spotted hyena’s laugh Is actually a sound made to alert other members about any food opportunities and this call can easily be heard 3 miles away.

Spotted hyenas are purely skilled hunters and good at scavenging, their powerful jaws tear everything on their prey. the only parts that survive the justice are the horns, hair, and hooves which are regurgitated in pellets.

Hyenas are fascinating to watch while in their clans of 10-30 individuals.

Where to see spotted hyenas

Spotted hyenas are fairly seen both during day and night however more active in night hours and are always near lion pride. They are well observed in Savannah, woodland, and desert areas, with a distinctive call that just tells where they are.

Top Tips for seeing spotted hyenas

Spotted hyenas are adept animals and with a loud noise, they are seen closely during the night but can as well be seen at any time of the day. During hot hours they hide under thickets and big trees or in their dens. They are as well visible with cubs laying closer to the tracks and following lions, leopards, and other predators. They are known to be the invited guests at any party, following their moving patterns also helps

Holiday ideas to see the spotted hyenas

It's a great idea to move around the African game parks, these creatures shall always bring the best experience