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Beyond its size Africa is unparallel in its sheer diversity, with guaranteed experienced travel team, tour anywhere starting from the land of apes (Uganda and Rwanda) extend to the ancestral home of the safari (Kenya) as you enjoy over hundreds of dialects and cultures spread among millions of people and with the world’s most enormous loop by the wildebeests (gnus) ,come conquer Africa’s intrepid holidays.
Tailoring tours to the dramatic contrast of savanna and forests led by our professional East Africa’s guides in satisfying our clients travel dreams is our major aim.
We have been moving excellent encounters for a considerable length of time through our cutting edge since 2021, planned occasion bundles and other fundamental travel ideals. We enable our clients to carry on with rich life, filled with remarkable travel encounters with help from our dedicated team of travel specialists. we are happy to be members of


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Explore and have unique experiences


We are proud of our ability to meet the exact requirements of even the most discerning travellers, by offering each client a personalised service, starting at the planning stages and continuing throughout their time in Africa. We design safari experiences to create life lasting memories to our clients and empower communities.


Game drives in the Masai Mara National Reserve

By jovially relentless dedication to innovation and service we blissfully have the need to take you on an adventure that you personally enjoy the stunning magnificence Africa and far-off terrains. Traveling responsibly is the center of what we do as we enable you observe sensational scenes that are along way past your creative ability.

Our Team

Abaho Joseph

Abaho Joseph (Jaz)

Team leader/Guide

Born and raised from the highlands of Kigezi South Western Uganda. Well educated with a bachelor's degree in Tourism Management, trained as a guide by USAGA (Uganda Safari Guides Association) and certified by Uganda Tourism Board (UTB). A passionate Travel guide in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Madagascar, Botswana, and South Sudan as photography happens to be another darling. I love birds and this helped me to learn and master birds majorly in East Africa. I prefer travel with conservation and helping the communities. I always guarantee top class adventures to all my fellow travel enthusiasts, it's a magical touch of culture, landscapes, mammals and other nature treasures.

Joan Nuwabiine

Joan Niwabiine

Head of Reservations/Operations

Joan is passionate about her carrier and always ready to serve our esteemed travellers. A graduate of Nkumba University with a bachelors degree in Tourism management. Before joining the tour operations line, joan was a guide in one of the companies that deals in school tours. This helped her to gain more knowledge of travel and more love for children. She's been chanced to travel to countries like Kenya during her course of being an expert in her passion. She heads our operation and reservation desk and always ready to handle all the inquiries and any other informations that our travellers might need. Its not only about being the head of our operations team, she's passionate about driving off roads, photography, loves sports, and more so respects her religion.

Lorand Abasa

Lorand Abasa

Nature Guide

A young man, ready to serve. Lorand is one of our guides and well versed with nature knowledge. Guiding to him is a passion and this draws him closer to his dream. He is a birder and more so having great knowledge about mammals, botany, driving, and he's humble. He is able to guide you in Uganda , Rwanda and Kenya. Trained with Uganda Safari Guides Association and fully certified by Uganda tourism board. He has been lucky enough to find his way through guiding and he pursued a tourism course that makes him a better guid to be with on a trip. He's fluent in English but also able to speak Kiswahili and a few other dialects in Uganda like Luganda spoken in the central, lunyakole and Rukiga. its not just about travel, its more fun while traveling with him.

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Thank you very much for the high-end tour experience for a week around Uganda's Best National Parks. forever grateful
The best Safari company in Uganda 🇺🇬 We enjoyed our vacation with an experienced guide Mr. Jaz
Jeffer Jeffer
Jeffer Jeffer
Nice n lovely
Annitah Mushabe
Annitah Mushabe
It was an unforgettable experience, so much fun and great adventure

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