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Africa is the cradle of happiness, Tailor your private East Africa safari, in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania with exceptional gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking tours, cultural adventures, birding beyond borders, and hiking tours with a trusted local expert. Discover and enjoy east Africa while on a holiday with a certified and knowledgeable tour operator. Numinous African Safaris is happy to announce its outstanding Photography tours, both nature and wildlife plus cultural photography tours, it's a boundless discovery time.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park


Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa whose diverse landscape encompasses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria. Its abundant wildlife includes chimpanzees as well as rare birds. Remote Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a renowned mountain gorilla sanctuary. Murchison Falls National Park in the northwest is known for its 43m-tall waterfall and wildlife such as hippos.

masai (2)


Discover through the biggest lenses, as you truly enjoy the endless Savannah vegetation and wildlife, accompanied by the historical and ancient Masai and the Samburu cultures with a luxury treat far at the coastline on the Indian Ocean (Mombasa).



Remarkably blessed with thrilling biodiversity, wildlife in the volcanoes, montane rain forests and sweeping plains, stunning scenery, and warm friendly people offering unique experiences in the remarkable country, Rwanda is a land of thousand hills. Rwanda is home to the endangered mountain gorillas in the volcanoes and more primates with a promising wildlife game in the Akagera and Nyungwe national parks and many other areas. 

Olduvai Gorge-01


The land of Zanzibar the Arab land and home of beautiful beaches with coral reefs and marine parks, the great migration, and Kilimanjaro the highest mountain is one of Africa’s best safari zones beautified by the endless plains. Tanzania has famous parks like Serengeti, Ruaha, Tarangire, and the leisure coastline of Mombasa and Kilifi counties

mundari and Dinka people


South Sudan is a landlocked country located in the East of Africa. South Sudan is characterized by short dry grasslands, thickets and woodlands. These are a great habitat for a variety of wildlife species living in her gazetted conservation areas. South Sudan is a key safari destination in Africa, popular for cultural tours and wilderness encounters. Other activities are usually conducted in the areas of Juba, Malakal, Wau, Rumbek and Aweil. Most of the exciting tourist activities happen along the areas crossed by the White Nile and its tributaries.

Barbara K
Barbara K
Great guides make every trip a better experience! This is my third trip to Africa, and the agenda I had in mind this time included a Safari in Tanzania and Gorilla Trekking in Uganda. I went by myself this time so needed to coordinate guides. The Safari was amazing. The second part involved the Gorilla Trek. I spent 6 days with a guide from Uganda, Abaho, who liked to be called Jaz! This man made my trip. I knew from the time he picked me up that we’d get along! He had a great personality, was very detailed, knowledgeable about wildlife and many other things, attentive to my needs and we talked incessantly about our lives and about his country. I learned a ton. He was very protective of me everywhere we went and I always felt safe. If you decide to go Gorilla Trekking, Abaho is the best! ❤️
Amazing Masai Mara Incredible endless landscape , heart touching, thousands and thousands of wildlife, cheetahs,lions, giraffes,birds,The magical mara river. Masai people are incredible ,Thanks to Numinous African safaris for this extra ordinary treat, good lodge choices ,our Guide Gerald was a Masai pure intelligent. We definitely recommend this company to whoever is planning for a Kenyan visit. Michelle and Thomas 😍
Athman C
Athman C
BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY Mabamba Swamp was the eye opener for the Shoebill, what a humongous bird . We later drove to Mburo park , beautiful and you are able to walk with a ranger guide as you get closer to the animals, amazing adventure, but we could not settle without trekking mountain Gorillas, it's incredible as you watch those apes closer to to you . And everything in queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park and rhinos was incredible. Thanks to Alex for being such a professional operator. We can't forget our Guide , Emma, who's good at spotting animals and loves birds too Amazing Guide. To anyone planning a trip to uganda this is the right Company ✌️
Amazing I had a great time in uganda 🇺🇬 with Numinous safari, I spent 3 days in Murchison falls and I did safari there ,that time was great 👍, thanks to the owner of the company and my guide Lorand, I spent two days also in Sibi falls , with a great view in Rafiki Lodge, one day in Ginga and I enjoyed the view of Nile source , it was a very nice time and it was raining 🌧 and I love it when it's raining 🌧 😀 everything was beautiful, well prepared those ppl are perfect Highly recommended 😇
nizar c
nizar c
flawless driving We had 11-day tour of Kenya with jazz, an amazing person. He has good knowledge of all the places. Worth your money
UNFORGETTABLE GORILLA EXPERIENCE We just finished our 4 days gorilla safari, ohh! this was something I never expected watching these huge apes feeding in front of me was another milestone. Thanks to numinous African Safaris and the team for being responsible and giving us the best guide Gilbert who made these 4 unforgettable days amazing. I definitely recommend this company
Zsolt B
Zsolt B
Great guiding I did 2 trips with Jaz Abaho who runs Numinous. We went around Uganda in 2020 and Kenya in 2021. Both trips were well organized and Jaz is great conpany.!

Frequently Asked Questions

Look through some of the commonly asked questions

Is East Africa safe?

Yes East Africa is safe with lovely and social people , hospitality is at its best, security
is tight. For any crucial and global cause is always communicated.

Do safari drivers speak English and other foreign languages?

All driver guides must be speaking English as its the easier way to communicate,
however any special requests for a different language speaking guide , like
french,Germany,Spanish,Italian, Chinese,and many others is always positively

Do we interact with locals while on a safari?

Definitely yes , we love such and culture is our among our key goals, we explore both
the wild and communities , discovering how people live with more other discoveries.

What should be known about photography?

Photography is a sister to adventure, any traveler takes pictures anywhere for
lifetime memories. However,while visiting east Africa one must know that army
attire is restricted from locals, and indecent wearing depending on where is highly
prohibited. Gadgets should be used in aright manner , no taking locals photos
without asking them, government or private buildings are sometimes restricted .
note your local always guides accordingly.

How is the road and other networks?

All travel destinations have smooth and rough roads depending on where you are
heading to. Other areas have trains connecting to leisure areas like Mombasa –
Nairobi, those who don’t wish to move on road for a long time can use local charters
and this apply in all east African countries.

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