Zanzibar, the name alone brings memories of the tropical paradise, without a doubt, zanzibar is a dream beach destination. with an unmatched history and rich cultural expressions and being a top eco-tourism and adventure destination.  the archipelago islands have a lot to offer more than blissful sunsets, romantic coastlines, shimmering azure-turquoise waters lapping miles of the palms, soft sand, and white beaches.

Wildlife, spices, and nature

There’s an overwhelmingly large number of butterflies and bird life in Zanzibar’s rural areas that spice up the archipelago tour and make it a remarkable destination for all nature lovers.  The countryside dynamism and the rain forest endemism of Jozani National Park and Pemba not forgetting the beautiful endangered mangrove trees offer an exceptional experience to our travelers.


Zanzibar is the right destination and unique for heritage Tourism. Stone town-a UNESCO world heritage site is the key and main heritage site in Zanzibar. However, several buildings such as Maruhubi Palace and Kizimkazi Mosques have also been marked as the most architecturally and culturally important areas in Zanzibar.

For classic, unique Architectural and cultural synthesis, Zanzibar is the right place to be.

Sand, Sun, and Sea.


The spice island is a premier underwater destination. The scattered islands offer an ideal opportunity for a keen diversification of marine species. Apart from being the main world producer of cloves, yielding about 70% of the global clove market just from Pemba Island, Zanzibar is also famous for its pristine environment and white sandy beaches that make the destination a leader in Eco-tourism. There’s an extremely great number of activities you could indulge in such as windsurfing, dhow cruises, snorkeling, parasailing, and stand-up paddle boarding that can be enjoyed from January to January. Explore east coast, michamvi peninsula and north of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar’s Fact life


Zanzibar dress code

 It is a culturally conservative fact being an Islam region.  Dress code for both men and women is simply with dignity and modesty. You can put on the way you want while at the beach and the hotel but walking around the villages you are expected to be covered from shoulder to the knee


The food served in Zanzibar

 Like any other tourism destination, good food for all parties is a must. Zanzibar beach lodges and kiosks have good food focusing on what’s available locally. Both modern dishes and local dishes are easily accessed in this mighty area. One can easily take a beer such as Kilimanjaro, tusker, and safari, with imported wines and other drinks.


Health and Safety

People often worry about tropical diseases, but you should worry most about accidents to carry you off. Be aware of road accidents and remember to tighten your seat belt or helmet. Avoid being driven by a drunkard and always seek advice from the locals where there’s a crime.