Why the program?

The lions and other carnivores are some of the sought-after attractions in Uganda and Africa at large. Uganda is blessed by mountain gorillas, and beautiful sceneries the large carnivores summerise one’s desire for the pearl of Africa. Uganda gets a chance to host 5 large carnivores such as leopards, lions, hyenas, African wild dogs, and cheetahs the Savannah conquerors.

This is a program that was applauded by the due to the massive decline of the felines due to community invasions, the Uganda wildlife authority had to pattern with the wildlife conservation society in monitoring and safeguarding these creatures. This has also impacted a lot on community sensitization as they are the immediate threats to these animals. 


The communities have done horrible acts most times like poisoning these animals as they don’t know boundaries and putting down animal domestic animals would cause much havoc, poaching is also a big threat to these animals.  With the main goal of population increase and community outreach, the Uganda wildlife authority has worked hand in hand with all willing conservation funders to safeguard these carnivores.


Where and how it’s done

Lion tracking is greatly practiced in Queen Elizabeth national west of Uganda, the second largest after Murchison falls national park.  With pure ecosystem balance, Queen Elizabeth is an ideal area to visit, famous for its biggest and longest natural channel in the world-kazinga channel and decorated by crater lakes and forests like maramagambo and the world’s well-known tree-climbing lions in the southern sector. 

Lion tracking draws you closer to these felines and not only lions but leopards and other animals like buffaloes,  elephants, and many others. You are helped by the carnivore expert who uses his or her GPS machines to follow and reach these animals,  lions are collared for easy follow-up and rescue in case of any, this also helps the conservationists to know how far the carnivores have gone towards the communities.


What time

It’s conducted twice a day both early morning and after lunch hours, drive off the beats and enjoy the wilderness as you search and get closer, get the necessary information from the carnivore expert, and have time for questions and taking photos as much as you can.  As you are in the wild, enjoy the best times of the wild, this activity takes 3-4 hours, and later check out for other activities or drive back to the lodge.


Signing up for the Activity

Uganda Wildlife is the overall controller of our national parks, so to get up-close encounters, one must reserve via them. The activity costs 100$ for FR and a community fee of 30$. residents pay shs,100000.


It’s an experience like no other lets us reserve this for you for the magical touch.