Located between the foothills of Aberdares and eye-catching snow-capped Mount Kenya with a great biome system of semi-arid grassland, woodland, riverine and wetlands is the Laikipia plateau’s prime sanctuary. Ol Pejeta offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities with all the big 5.

The conservancy’s highlights include the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa, southern white rhinos, and a refuge of the only 2 living northern white rhinos in the whole world. However, there’s also sweet waters chimpanzee sanctuary housing both abandoned and orphanage chimpanzees, this is the only place in Kenya where you can get a chance to at least see these apes. Ol Pejeta is among Laikipia’s bigger Ecosystems with excellent views of Mount Kenya and with several activities such as night drives, nature walks, birding day game viewing, birding, and lion tracking any travelers would consider participating in.

It’s an avian center with over 500 bird species recorded and birding-watching activities are always operated both morning and evening. This bird watcher’s paradise has notable bird species such as.

Abyssinian scimitarbill

Amethyst Sunbird

Black-winged Lapwing

Blue-naped mousebird

Buff-crested bustard

Cinnamon-chested bee-eater

D’Arnaud’s Barbet

Kenya-rufous sparrow

Long-billed Pipit

Montagu’s harrier

Nubian woodpecker

Rosy-throated longclaw

Rufous chatterer

Taita fiscal

Temminck’s courser

White-bellied go-away bird

White-eyed slaty flycatcher

Yellow-necked spurfowl


Best time for birding watching.

The best time for bird watching in the conservancy is yearly, however, European migrants and North Africa are more active between November and April. This will coincide with the wet season as you enjoy birds with different plumages.

The overall wildlife viewing is between the months of July-September and January -march. 

Getting there

It takes 3-4 hours from Nairobi to the conservancy, and taking a local flight to Nanyuki airstrip is the easiest way just 45 minutes’ drive away. 4*4 vehicles are recommended during the wet seasons.