Attractions In & Around Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda is one of the few African countries with a gentle environment and weather that allows visitors to see and study the unequaled majesty of the savannah plains and the distinctive beauty of animals, mammals, and birds. Rwanda has three distinct and significant national parks: Volcanoes National Park; Nyungwe Forest National Park; and Akagera National Park. The Rwanda Development Board, with the help and supervision of the Rwandan government, operates these three national parks, which serve as the country’s tourism hub. Each national park offers unrivaled sights, habitats, weather, and a fantastic way of life. Due to its rich and unequaled history as Africa’s oldest national park, Volcanoes National Park is the most visited safari park in the country and worldwide. The unparalleled Nyungwe National Park is home to a unique variety of chimps and primates that are rarely seen on the African continent.

Rwanda’s most popular tourist site is Volcanoes National Park. Visitors to Volcanoes National Park can do more than just a 3-Day Rwanda Gorilla Tour.

Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park is a prominent tourist attraction and one of the country's most popular activities. Mountain gorillas are critically endangered. Volcanoes National Park is home to approximately 150 mountain gorillas divided into 12 groups, as well as a few wild gorillas. Each day, Volcanoes National Park grants roughly 96 gorilla trekking permits to visitors, with each group of eight people visiting mountain gorillas. Rwanda's high-end tourism plan draws the most luxurious resorts and lodges, offering increased incomes for villages next to Volcanoes National Park, which is home to mountain gorillas


Adventurers can combine their gorilla trip with a mountain trek in the Virunga highlands. Hiking is possible on 5 main summits in Volcanoes National Park. Mount Muhabura, Gahinga, Sabyinyo, Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke which contains a deep crater lake at its peak, which is 3,711 meters above sea level. Mount Bisoke requires no previous trekking experience. Physical fitness is only required due to the height and length of the climbing. The hike might take 5 to 7 hours, depending on the speed, frequency of stops and weather.

Dian Fossey Grave Hike

A visit to Volcanoes National Park for gorilla trekking can be combined with a hike to Diane Fosse's grave. Diane Fosse is an American primatologist who spent over 20 years at the park studying mountain gorillas. Diane Fosse's life was adapted into a film in the late 1980s called Gorillas in the Mist. Poachers murdered her in 1985. Her burial is at the Karisoke Research Center, between the picturesque volcanic peaks of Bisoke and Karisimbi. The journey through the forest to the tomb takes about 6 hours round trip. You might see elephants, buffaloes, golden monkeys, and other primates along the way.

Attractions around Volcanoes NP

Nyange community walk

As you walk around the lake, you can take pictures and videos of the scenery along the way. Canoeing is also recommended for those who are not good at walking. The Nyange Community Walk aims to showcase all aspects of Rwandan village life. Take a guided walk through the town of Nyange to see how the locals work and make a living. Visit the iron smelter, a mat weaver, a local banana brewery, and a carpenter's house. You will also be able to witness the preparation of traditional Rwandan food and even participate if you wish, not to mention taste the meal at the end!

this is where travelers mingle with the locals for extraordinary market experience, this brings visitors closer to craft markets and food markets, it’s a good one for the most interested one indeed.

Ibyiwachu culture tour

on the edge of Volcanoes National Park. This also serves as an attraction in Volcanoes National Park-Rwanda. There are many cultural performances here that you can attend. This has been a great initiative bringing the once poachers back to a helpful and normal life. Today, they make a living by performing for tourists than hunting. A tour of the Ibyiwacu Cultural Village will give you the chance to see the traditional homes of the local kings and the preparation of herbal mixtures by traditional herbal masters. Enjoy Kinyarwanda's cultural music, dance, and drums. You can as well have the opportunity to explore different routes by mountain bike with your guide

Great cultural and natural-historic caves formed over centuries due to the volcanic activities that took place in the virunga massive. Have the ancient touch while in the 1.25 miles long cave. It’s a great treasure of the country that requires a safety gear (provided) and approximately 1.5 hours of exploring.

Musanze Caves

Sitting on 31 hectares, the park is regarded as a sacred and legend place to always respect; the locals believe that it’s a source of blessings as it has lots of both myths and facts. The Eco Park is so green and rich in dragon trees, small lava stone paths, and rich in ancient history making it hidden gem. It’s believed that the Rwandan kings used this place to seek for natural powers to enable them run and have their lives as the monarchs

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